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Stone Tile Polishing Tools

by:Shihui     2020-01-30
Stone tiles are not just hardDressed and practical, they are a highFinally, natural materials add value to your home as it adds beauty.Over time, this natural beauty may become blurred due to the accumulation of grease, soap and dirt on the surface.Tile-Polishing tools designed for Stoneit-Maintenance of the choice of natural stone surfaces.Hand-held polishing pads for stone tiles allow you to make a slight touchUps on stone tiles.Choose from fine textures to a variety of grits that are rough.These pads have diamond particles that are plated or resin bonded to the pads.It can be used whether it is wet polishing or dry polishing.You can also connect the pads to the electric angle grinder.If you intend to attach a hand-held DiamondPolishing pad for electric angle grinder, choose plating pad for better control during polishing.Angle grinder is an electric tool for polishing stone tiles, not just touchup.The angle grinder has two types of wet polishing and dry polishing, which can quickly complete the stone tile polishing project.The grinder moves at about 6,000 RPM to remove the deposits on the stone.Most angle Mills hold a variety of discs during polishing.To minimize the dust during the polishing process, choose a wet polishing angle grinder or attach a water accessory to convert the dry angle grinder to a wet angle grinder.The water also reduces the surface temperature of the stone tile and reduces the risk of you being burned or the grinder overheating.An electric angle grinder for polishing stone tiles is fitted with a sandpaper tray.Select fine sand for slight trimming, or select coarse sand to remove thicker stacking layers on stone tiles.The sandpaper tray is waterproof and cheap and can be cut into almost any type of angle grinder.Diamond polishing pads are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for Angle Mills.For polishing granite, marble and other natural stones, professional diamond polishing pads are availableYour stone brick looks beautiful.The resin disc is flexible to work on the two corners of the stone brick, the circular area and the flat surface, allowing you to polish the corners, sides and sides.You need to use dry diamond polishing pads for polishing without water and wet diamond polishing pads for water polishing.
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