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taking the cake, drinks to match: the cheesecake factory takes aim at perfection.

by:Shihui     2020-01-30
Its interior space ranges from 5,400 square feet to 17,300 square feet, and the long stick with sparkling Cobra beer taps can fly to the distant ceiling.
They had no reservations, and the crowd seemed to gather whenever the door opened.
Their numbers prove their success: this year, the Cheesecake Factory will receive an average of 800,000 guests per year in 77 country locations, and the average customer price is about $16.
The interior decoration combines polished blackand-
White limestone tile in European cafe, Lotus column in hand ur temple, handmade
The painted walls of the Tuscan villa, the lamps of the Art Nouveau Bistro, and the warm wooden tones of the delicate old bar, these different elements send a signal: here is something for everyone.
The Cheesecake Factory is a \"no veto\" restaurant;
That is to say, no member of a group will veto the choice of it.
Instead of adding a personal vote in \"I don\'t want it. . .
\"Against a particular dish, vote unanimously against it\" gives us all what we want. \" [
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This caused sales: more than three
The quarter last year was a billion dollars.
In so many hours of business, dealing with a large and varied menu in such a high number of restaurants and the entire chain challenged every management.
But the Cheesecake Factory started very small because it was a family business for a good chef who made delicious cheesecake and grew slowly (see side-bar).
Mastery comes with experience.
Then the chain grew up overnight like bamboo.
This year, the Cheesecake Factory added another trophy to its case: the best overall Beverage Excellence Award, a recognition of 14-15% of the total beverage sales of the chain.
As Howard Gordon, senior vice president of business development and marketing, noted, \"We focus on our beverage program.
After all, the first four pages of our menu are drinks! \" [
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The four pages include 13 specialty drinks, 6 super cream drinks, 4 margar Tower wines, 13 martinis and 8 types of coffee made of whiskey, rum, sweet wine and whipped cream
There is a full page of wine, 35 bottles and glass for sale, and another page of beer, spirits and sweet wine. Non-
Alcoholic beverages include fresh fruit drinks and frozen drinks mixed with ice, black, herbal tea, hot chocolate and cold cider. [
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Russell Green, senior vice president of beverage and bakery operations, started working as a waiter at the Cheesecake Factory 21 years ago.
\"When I think of how far we have come,\" he said, \"the restaurant and our beverage project ---
Looks great!
The drinks at our first Beverly Hills restaurant are basic. -
Milkshakes, malt, iced tea.
There is no bartender, and there is no need to serve the two beers we have available, Blue Nun Liebfraumilch, Mateus Rose and a few glasses of red wine.
\"At the time, we did offer Perrier mineral water, an unusual product, and we were far ahead of our time in the coffee project. (Founder)
David Overton, who attends law school in San Francisco, loves cafe culture and gourmet baking in the Bay Area.
From the very beginning, we have served quality coffee and espresso, which are well matched with desserts, and today we offer quality coffee service as well as a range of espresso drinks.
\"When Overton decided to open another restaurant, he chose Marina del Rey.
\"David has led us into a new field,\" Green said . \"
\"There is a beach bar and one upstairs, and he decides the atmosphere of the Beach ---
Fresh air, relax-
Guide our catering program.
The food we serve will be made from fresh ingredients, which will be interesting.
For example, super cream drinks are made from ice cream and look like a natural extension of the dessert menu.
Read the composition of the flying gorilla and you may think of banana split ---
Fresh banana, chocolate, ice cream, cocoa butter and banana liqueur-
The name is interesting to you. [
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\"We know that we will always maintain firm corporate values;
They are the secret to our success. -
Excellence, consistency and quality.
Our goal is to provide a perfect preparation and service for our guests while making them feel completely comfortable.
We know that when Marina Del Rey\'s position takes off, we have a formula for winning and it\'s still one of our top three bars. \" Godiva[R]
Green stressed that the chocolate cheesecake \"the standard for our beverage items\" is the standard for the Cheesecake Factory itself: providing value and not excluding anyone ---
That is to say, provide something for everyone-
Use only the best ingredients, use as much as possible with everything we craft, and pay attention to every little detail that improves the quality and displays. \" [
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Practice, practice, practice simple notes, it\'s hard to coordinate to a satisfactory chord over and over again.
How is the Cheesecake Factory made?
Just like musicians practice scales, bartenders warm up through 26 exercises a day.
For example, they may take a quiz about wine or coffee, practice at least with their various tools, and check the accuracy of their hand-poured wine.
They then played an article for the manager\'s audience, which was a drink for the day.
The bartenders went through it, reviewed the recipe, measured and tasted it, and discussed the main points of the drink.
Prepare drinks if the taste is right-
Start a new day
If not, the bartender will start over.
Later in the day, the bartender went over the drinks of the day with his bare hands without measuring the equipment.
We use the mainland.
\"Pour the bottle cap on our bottle,\" Green added . \".
\"The bartenders prefer them because they pour faster and smoother, and we use squeeze bottles in some ingredients.
\"Through practice and attention, bartenders improve their accuracy to a uniform accuracy.
It\'s really important to find your rhythm.
\"Research and development\" we want to give our guests what they want and attract them to try what they will like and we have been working on it, Howard Gordon explained.
We have a full cooking center at the company headquarters with a bar inside, just like our lab.
Here we try new recipes.
Green, who often serves as a senior scientist at the lab, says the new specialty drinks are only one aspect of research and development.
\"We need to know what our guests want and anticipate new trends.
One way we do this is to vote regularly on our star bartenders.
What do people all over the country demand?
This is the first time that we have heard of mogito and cappelinha.
We improved the specifications of Mojito and put it on the menu five years ago.
It doesn\'t immediately cause big sales, but we have confidence in our bartender\'s early intelligence and the upcoming interest in Latin drinks.
It is now our second most popular specialty drink. \" [
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\"Our requirement for bartenders is to have a complete grasp of food and beverage recipes,\" Green made clear . \".
They are constantly trained to stay sharp and focused
We teach them to pay attention to all the details.
I hope all of our drinks get the same level of attention, from Lemon cola to classic gin and tonic, to our signature strawberry Mani made of fresh fruit
The drinks at the Cheesecake Factory sparkled as we served all our drinks with great glassware.
Ice tastes fresh and clean because of our carbon
Filter out all our water.
\"When I think of our drink item, I ask, \'How can I make it better? \'?
How can I do my best?
\"Related article: Evelyn Overton offered her quality cheesecake for more than 20 years at a restaurant in Detroit in her early years, and after moving to Los Angeles, she opened a 700 flat with her husband Oscar
Walking shop and bakery.
In 1975, Evelyn moved to a larger bakery, developed 20 cheesecake varieties and expanded sales.
Their son, David Overton, opened the first cheese.
1978 Cake Factory restaurant in Beverly Hills as a showroom for desserts.
The first day formed a line at the door.
Ten years later, the chain of Cheesecake Factories consists of four restaurants and factories.
But small chains do a great job: every restaurant adds customers and profits, and the bakery offers itself and many other places.
Specialty of Cheesecake Factory today--
Signature cheesecake, varied menu, large portion, fresh ingredients-
When the chain stores are ready to be promoted nationwide, they are already skilled.
A public offering in 1992 has driven a rapid expansion of 77 locations and 18,000 employees today.
Being vigilant about quality has won loyalty, word of mouth and recognition from cheese cake factory customers.
Related article: mix it together at the Cheesecake Factory and the size of the mixed drink ranges from 10 oz to 14 oz.
Russell Green says there are some changes in what people like to drink across the country, but the top 10 specialty drinks in the country are the same.
There are 25 different wine lists in the Cheesecake Factory, slightly different.
\"Our core choice,\" said Green. \"hold on.
Eight years ago, the chain arranged exclusive wines, chardonnay wines, Merlot wines and Cabernet Sauvignon wines that were bottled from the vineyards of Robert mondavey, each known as\"
Green said: \"Our waiter can recommend these with confidence because each one is delicious and goes well with our food for $5.
A cup of $95, a bottle of $22, they are very high value.
\"Related article: New product Cheesecake Factory change menu every six months, scratch any non-
10 new foods and two or more drinks. \"The roll-
Russell Green, senior vice president of beverage and bakery operations, explained: \"After research and development, this happens in two phases . \".
We were at eight restaurants near the California headquarters, and we took out the new stuff and shook it.
Cruise for about 45 days.
In the second stage, we are 12-
Hours of classes and workshops on preparing new projects. From menu roll-
We looked outside at the numbers for the day and then again we got everyone together for a detailed assessment.
\"One of the R & D projects has just entered the second phase.
In cheesecake factories across the country, the new drinks being stirred are raspberry and strawberry mojitos, a honey Martini (
\"The color and taste are great,\" Green testified . \")
There are also Georgia peaches made of vodka, peaches and raspberry puree.
Related article: The system used by the Cheesecake Factory is just a food service provider Sysco, due to the size and quantity of the chain, \"we deliver every Thursday to seven days, howard Gordon, senior vice president of business development and marketing, said.
\"They don\'t usually carry the product and they will carry it for us.
This also allows TCF to specify the quality.
Sysco also distributes for TCF, bringing the famous cheesecake and other desserts produced by the Cheesecake Factory to TCFs across the country, as well as \"DreamWorks\" frozen desserts made by other restaurants.
Each restaurant manager checks the delivery receipt against usage and uses proprietary software programs to track other data and compares the weekly target to the performance of the week.
Wednesday is the transcript day of the whole chain.
Reservations are not accepted for TCFs, but use points-of-
Sell computer monitoring systems.
Chefs and bartenders can consult the recipe audience on their radio.
According to an article in Newsweek magazine (April 19, 2004)
The Cheesecake Factory adopted cutting-edge management techniques and techniques very early to help deal with the complexity of their large menu and quantity, and they coordinated them very well.
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