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the 4 c\'s of natural stone tile

by:Shihui     2020-02-28
Everyone has heard of \"4 C\" and how they apply to the purchase of diamonds, but do you know they apply to natural stone as well?
Color, clarity, Carat and cut (the 4 C\'s)
It is also a factor in the pricing of natural stone.
Many customers are fooled into paying too much for inferior natural stones because they don\'t understand the concept.
Color: how consistent is the color range and variation of the stone?
This is very important when dealing with many marble such as Bianco Carrara or limestone and lime China.
For example, when specifying Bianco Carrara, the pure white background color with a clean gray texture is less, so it is more expensive than the plain yellow white background with a fuzzy gray motion.
The difference can be subtle, the yellow background looks good and even \"white\" until compared to the more expensive material.
In order to make a full assessment, the buyer has to look at a few pieces, not just a sample.
Clarity: since most stone tiles are opaque, we like to discuss clarity from the number of parcels or gaps included in the tiles.
Imagine how many holes or inclusions the stone is in a piece of Swiss cheese.
A simple comparison is to evaluate the density and weight of stones of equal dimensions, which usually affects the number and size of inclusions or gaps.
The number of inclusions also affects the amount of epoxy filling required to fill and Polish or polish the tiles.
This aspect of the tile is very important for evaluation, because once installed, new gaps and inclusions will be exposed within a few months of installation to create a less desirable look.
In order to make a full assessment, the buyer has to look at a few pieces, not just a sample.
Carat: This defines the size and thickness of the stone tile.
For many reasons, larger size tile formats, such as larger diamonds, are more costly to produce.
One is that the quality of the block purchased for production requires a higher quality because any anomalies must be addressed and avoided.
Another reason for the higher cost is that fewer manufacturers have the machine or expertise to use larger size tiles such as 36 \"x 36\" size or stone bricks of unique shape such as Hexstone
Cutting: How accurate is tile cutting?
When using patterns, will they fit in a consistent joint size?
How Square is the material that affects the tightness of the grouting joint?
The less expensive material is usually not Square and requires the installer to use a wider, inconsistent grouting joint.
In addition, the buyer should evaluate how the finish is applied to the stone.
One example is when a person compares the end of a monastery (TM)
For ordinary notch edge tiles, it is easy to see the quality difference in the manufacturing process.
Complete a monastery (TM)
Make sure the joint size is more consistent, the look and feel are more natural, and there is no \"jagged\" edge that is easy to cut the foot.
Nevertheless, it is also necessary to consider that a manufacturer\'s commercial grade stone is the 1st option for another manufacturer.
Since there is no formal standard to define the quality of the stone, it is up to each manufacturer to decide how to classify its stone.
To protect buyers from the use of bait and switch strategies, we recommend the following guidelines to ensure value for money for natural stone purchased: the supplier is requested to list several hundred square feet of material from several crates to assess the overall 4 degrees Celsius of the goods.
If the material is specially ordered, please sign the sample that defines the stone quality range and expectations.
Bearing in mind that the beauty of natural stone lies in change and movement, a comprehensive understanding of the scope should be agreed upon prior to purchase.
We always recommend stock material to pick your own crates and if the supplier charges more or refuses to do so for the service, ask yourself what they are trying to hide from you.
Check the materials on the job site before installation to ensure they meet your expectations.
Just as you won\'t invest as much money on fool\'s gold or cubic zirconium as a diamond, you shouldn\'t invest in inferior flooring products either.
Before installation, once all the material is in work --
On site, ensure that the material is removed from the various crates to ensure the correct mixing of the material.
Understand the after-sales maintenance requirements of stone.
Ask a lot of questions.
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