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the advantages of plastic wall tile panels v ceramic wall ...

by:Shihui     2020-03-18

Advantages of plastic wall panels.v.1) the plastic wall brick panel has an insulated backing to reduce heat loss and your heating costs.2) plastic wall tiles can be cut with scissors or process, accurately cut, there is no risk of breaking.3) plastic tiles are light weight and easy to buy or take home online.4) they covered 12 square meters at a time and soon covered the walls.5) plastic tiles can be used on existing ceramics.6) the plastic tiles reduce condensation, so the mold growth is reduced.7) plastic wall tiles are very flexible and ideal for boats and caravans.8) The Plastid wall brick panel provides a hard glass surface, and the glass edge provides a neat finish for the wall and window sill;They can even bend in the corner outside.9) special tools are not required to cut or install plastic tiles.They are themselves.Spacing ensures perfect fit every time.11) plastic tile panels can be measured at 305mm x 305mm (12x12) each to quickly cover the entire wall area.12) You don\'t need to scrape off your old tiles or call a professional migrant worker.13) plastic wall tiles are cheaper than other alternatives, taking into account material, labor and finishes.14) when choosing a tile, it is important to remember that the glazed tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are very smooth and notporous surface.15) you can use plastic ceiling tiles if you want a ceiling that lasts a long time.Plastic ceiling tiles are ideal for increasing insulation.When you install them, you may find that your energy consumption is greatly reduced.The insulation of windows and doors is usually made of plastic.So, it can also create miracles on the ceiling.16) the small sink splash back of the cloakroom, baby dressing area, utility room and suite can be tiled with a wall brick panel and the dripping water is dried/wiped clean.Simply wipe them with a damp cloth, or you can wipe them with warm water with soap/detergent, then rinse and dry.17) because plastic wall tiles are light weight and flexible, they are ideal for boats and caravans that may have some movement on the walls, they are also moldy on the slightly uneven walls of the house.18) polystyrene plastic wall tiles (such as plywood polystyrene, Catalin Luxtred, Plexon M, Styron) will not be sour by water, oil, alcohol, vinegar or usual household19) vinyl wall tiles (such as Vinylite, Saran, Geon, Marvinol, Ultron and Monsanto vinyl butryol) are tough.Ordinary household chemicals do not cause harm to them, they can resist the damage of acid, alcohol, food, ink and dirt;But be careful not to splash on them with moth preparations.20) you don\'t need to cut off the old ceramic wall tiles or call the professional tile dealer to DIY with the plastic wall brick panel.21) the plastic wall brick panel has a high gloss and can maintain the appearance for many years.
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