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The Best Kind of Tile to Lay on an Outdoor Porch

by:Shihui     2020-03-09
Tile is a kind of tile, its performance makes it a good choice for outdoor use.Tiles are fired under pressure during manufacturing.Refined clay and sand used to make them are at a higher temperature than clay and sand used to produce other ceramics blend together.This process makes the tiles more moisture-proof and enables them to withstand various weather conditions.Tiles are more dense than other types of tiles.These ingredients are fine in particle size and they are tightly packed together once the manufacturer provides enough pressure.This density makes it unlikely that porcelain will absorb moisture, a major consideration for outdoor applications where tiles are affected by rain, snow and ice.Glazed tiles have better moisture resistance.Although the tiles are not completely waterproof, their absorption rate is very low and they are better waterproof than ceramic or even stone.The outdoor porch must be able to withstand walking traffic, as well as furniture or grill dragging along the surface of the tile.The density of the porcelain makes it more resistant to the damage caused by chips and scratches.Looking for tiles that use colors throughout the tile instead of firing only on top.If the colored tiles support the debris or deep scratches throughout the process, then the damage is less obvious.The porcelain glaze Institute has established a rating system to help consumers decide which tile is most effective in which case.While the rating system does not take into account moisture resistance, it does rate the tiles based on how supportive they are in various traffic situations.The PEI level between 1 and 5 is assigned a number equivalent to the survival of each tile.The lowest end of scale--No.1 --Include using the best tiles on the inner wall only.All the tiles are No.5, this is the top of the wear-resistant Grade.No tile ranking.The scale can be used for any residential, commercial or industrial use, including outdoor porches and patios.Density makes moisture-Chip-resistantBut it also makes it hard to cut the tiles.If you decide to install your own tiles on the outdoor porch, consider renting a wet saw with a diamond blade.These saws are strong enough to cut porcelain with minimal tile breakage.Porcelain is usually more expensive than other types of tiles due to the durability and moisture resistance of the tiles, but in the long run they may be worth it.
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