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the best way of cutting quartz floor tiles

by:Shihui     2020-01-25
When installing the quartz floor, you should cut the tiles to fit the wall and the objects around it.
Because their surfaces are hard, they cannot be cut with ordinary hand tools.
You can crust blade I with Diamond. e. a wet saw.
Here are the steps to cut the quartz floor tiles-
Place the tiles on the floor and measure the exact area you need to cut.
To get straight cut, use a square or rectangle.
Place the cardboard on the surface of the tile and remove the traces from the edge of the tile.
Or you can also measure surface cutting with tape measure and colored chalk.
You can buy or rent. saw.
There are all regular home improvement shops and tile shops.
Repair the saw according to the instructions given in the manual.
Connect the hardware tightly with bolts and nuts.
Now fix the wet saw tightly on the stand and make sure it doesn\'t come --
Cause damage.
Diamond blades are the right tool for cutting quartz, as they are stronger than quartz and are one of the natural stones. Before turning-
On the wet saw, check if the reservoir is full of warm water.
Cover the face and mouth with protective gear so that dust particles dropped from the tiles do not cause any breathing problems.
Wear goggles to protect your eyes.
Before cutting, the tip of the saw is allowed to operate at a height
Because the surface of quartz is very dense, the blade may break during the cutting process.
In addition, by applying a solution on the wet saw surface, the tool becomes very cool and will not be heated when cutting.
Now put the tiles on the table of the wet saw.
Gently move the pencil mark of the tile to the blade and press the tile with your fingers so you can cut the quartz floor tiles in the right direction.
Check the cut pieces to fit your space.
If it does not fit the correct size, please cut the tile again or try to use the fresh one.
If you have confidence in the cutting that is accurately measured, then proceed.
Once you have completed the task completely, adjust the speed of the saw to a lower mode and let the diamond blade run in the water to reduce the heat and turn off the saw once it cools down.
Here are some safety tips in the cutting process.
Wear all the necessary protective devices to protect yourself.
Stay away from your children and pets during the cutting process. Use diamond-
Blade cutting quartz floor tiles.
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