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the durability of floor tiles

by:Shihui     2020-03-20
To prove the durability of the floor tiles, a visit to the ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii will reveal the tile floors that survived thousands of years ago.
If the floor tiles of the ancient Romans are still there today, then this must be some indicator of the durability of the tile floor.
It is undeniable that modern life is not as busy and bumpy as ancient Rome, although if you have children and/or dogs, I am sure you will agree and the profit is very close.
You let the children run behind the dog in their shoes.
The dog tried to run away and she dug her claws in and grabbed the corner tightly.
The children\'s dinner time means feeding as much food as possible on the floor, and if the dog is a puppy and walking around without shoes, it is guaranteed that you have a slight trench foot.
All of this requires hard work on inferior carpets.
One solution is to cover your floor with polished wood.
Looks good, don\'t you?
Don\'t let the dog on it though, it will scratch the post like a lion in a day, the dog tries to leave the kids and just slides into the TV stand, crushed under your now useless 40-inch plasma TV.
She looks like a satellite antenna now.
In times like this, we need to start thinking like the Romans who are doing something.
The tile floor can answer your prayers just like they do.
You can march thousands of Romans on the tile floor without feeling the effect, the only sign is that they even have some muddy footprints on the tile. . . .
This can be easily washed away in a few seconds.
There are thousands of different varieties of floor tiles suitable for a variety of flavors, they have the same durability and cleaning convenience.
A basic tile floor that looks clean can be implemented very cheaply and you can install it with some directions and the right tools.
Tiles can start at 9 p, although you will pay more for tiles made of natural stones such as marble, granite or limestone.
Adventurous people may want to try the mosaic floor.
The mosaic floor, made of hundreds of small tiles, is the ultimate choice for tile floors.
How about you create a floor design with patterns, or design for luxury, tiling photos of your face on the floor?
Just to remind your friends that this is your house.
Floor laying is much easier these days than c. 500BC.
You can jump straight to your local Topps and pick up a few boxes of floor tiles and some tile adhesive to get the job done at hand and then crack.
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