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by:Shihui     2019-12-18
Home renovation items usually include the installation of tile floors, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.Tiles are also useful in creating luxurious terraces or around the pool.While tiles and lime tiles each have benefits, there are also some shortcomings to consider when deciding which type is suitable for any home fit.Before going to the local tile flooring company, here are a few things to consider: the tile is a very intensive manufacturing product and therefore very durable and very low maintenance.On the contrary, lime China is a natural stone formed by limestone.It is highly porous and relatively soft.The softness of the lime Hua makes it easier to scratch, and its porous properties make it more likely to stain than porcelain.However, it is easier to install the lime Hua, especially for beginners, because it is much easier to cut and shape the tiles.Because it is natural stone, the lime tile is more popular, and many people think it looks more luxurious than porcelain.It has four finishes and the most popular is polishing and tumbling.The polished lime China looks similar to marble.Polishing means that the small holes on the tiles are filled and the tiles have clear corners.With the rolling finish, the holes remain open and the edges of the tiles are a bit round.When you visit the local tile flooring company, you will find that the appearance of each tile is unique due to the natural texture of the lime China.If one or two tiles are damaged and need to be replaced, it is easy to find the tiles that match the existing tiles.The styles and patterns of porcelain are very limited and difficult to replace.The surface of the tile is smooth as part of the manufacturing process.When you browse the tiles at the tile flooring company, you can immediately tell the difference.Since the finish protects the porcelain from damage, almost any basic cleaning product can be used on it.Lime tiles require special cleaning products that are usually not available in any general grocery store but can be found at the tile flooring company.Only a professional tile flooring company store and some hardware chain stores are available, and usually more expensive than ordinary cleaning products.The high density of the tile means that it is not easy to absorb too much moisture or scratches, so it is ideal for the kitchen, the bathroom, and other areas with heavy traffic.While the use of a sealant can prevent a large amount of dyeing, lime Hua is still more susceptible to stains, especially acidic substances such as lemon juice and vinegar.Therefore, it is not very good to use the lime in the kitchen.Although it is resistant to both hot and cold extreme temperatures, it is especially good for the terrace and pool environment.Tiles stay cool even in direct sunlight.Especially the rolling lime is better because it is not so slippery either.Tile is cheaper than lime.Although lime is more expensive than porcelain, it is still cheaper than other types of natural stone such as granite or marble.There are many differences between tile and lime tile.These descriptions only touch the surface of the difference between them, but they may be the most important consideration when deciding on the type of tile used for any home fit.
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