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by:Shihui     2020-01-07
Limestone Natural Stone is considered a luxury floor choice for residential and commercial rooms.Lime Hua is a deposited grinding tile made of limestone formed before marble.When water passes through the limestone bed, the lime Hua has a decorative porous vein formed by the deposit.
When water flows out of limestone, it allows the material to fall off, thus forming holes in the rock.Lime stone is very durable and has various soil colors such as beige, coral and gray.The surface stays cool throughout the day and does not wear out over time.
The lime tile is one of the most popular stones in modern architecture.This stone has been used as a building material for thousands of years as it can be shaped for almost any use.The lime tile has four types of finishes, polished, polished, brushed and rolled.
The polished lime surface is smooth and smooth.The ground tile has a slight gloss and the tile is smooth but not as smooth as the polished one.The brushed and rolled tiles have a porous texture without light.
The lime tile can be installed with a minimum of grout lines to make your floor and overall smooth stone look.Lime China offers durable flooring solutions.Polished finished tiles can be laid in the elegant living room or used to increase the rustic feel with a rolling texture.
The hallway, foyer, porch, kitchen countertop, fireplace and living space are all available to provide a luxurious feel for the structure.Tiles can also be used for exterior wall coating, shower, surrounding pool or general floor and decorative fixtures.Lime tile cheap price, many kindsThe Stone of facilities creates a luxurious fashion declaration for your floor.
Taking care of your lime tile floor is not a difficult process.If you protect your lime floor with a sealant, it will make cleaning easier.Clean up the spills immediately to prevent pollution.
The best material to clean the floor is a sponge or soft cloth, and a professional tile cleaning solution using warm water and local hardware stores.The dust mop is best used to clean the floor surface instead of sweeping with a broom, because the tiles have a porous texture and the dust mop goes into the groove and picks up the dirt better than the brush hair of the broom.If you want a cheap, low maintenance (compared to marble) and a unique choice of flooring, the lime floor is the perfect choice.
It is decorative, eco-friendly, luxurious and can be used on almost any floor surface
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