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travertine marble tile design for bathroom Shihui

travertine marble tile design for bathroom Shihui

Travertine marble tile design for bathroom Shihui

Place of Origin
Mainland (China)
Surface finished
Pollished, honed
Used for floor, pattern, wall facade, indoor decoration, countertop
Available Color
white, beige, yellow, red,black, green, etc
Available Sizes
12' X 12
Edge processing
Machine cutting, round edge etc
Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet
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Company Advantages
1. The manufacture of Shihui travertine marble tile involves several necessary procedures. They include pattern design, cutting, stitching, etc. The product is highly resistant to scratches
2. One of our customers said that this product has added uniqueness to his building projects and helped improve the appearance of buildings. With round edges, it will not cause injury
3. The product does not prone to leakage danger. It is designed with double or intensified insulation system for extra safety. This product, with unique textures, enables people to have the flexibility to design the countertop

Company Features
1. Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Ltd has an export production base.
2. We get ourselves involved in environmental protection and energy conservation. We will uphold business ethics throughout our production. We take steps to make sustainable use of resources and take proactive steps to minimize waste generation. For example, reducing water consumption by recycling reusable water.
Works well
I bought these for use on my travertine shower with the Granite Gold Shower Cleaner. Seriously nothing better for the job! They are kind to the stone and work great!!
Exactly as Advertised
Makes washing the floor so much easier! A must have for the hard woods.
Mopping kitchen and bathroom.
Great quality even got it used.
I love this mop. Easy to assemble, easy to use, and much easier on one’s back than a traditional individual-wipe swiffer. I highly recommend!
Call me crazy, but I decided to install naturally polished river rock for a good portion of my kitchen backsplash. It should be noted this was my very first tile project ever, using probably the most difficult material ever. Once I got the stones all mortared and then grouted into place I decided I didn't like my original grout color and after having tried the grout colorant available on the market, I tried experimenting with various paints to do my own custom grout coloring. Things were going along swimmingly, but between cleaning the stones after mortaring, cleaning the stones after grouting, cleaning the stones after using the commercial colorant, cleaning the stones after using three different paints, my stones were DULL. River rock isn't terribly shiny to begin with, but my stones looked absolutely dry when I was done. It was not the look I wanted and the stones did not "pop" as I had hoped. I went searching for some sort of sealant for rock and came across this wonderful product! Application was a breeze! As noted in a previous review, a little truly goes a long way. I poured just a small amount into a little plastic cup and was able to coat all of my stones three times - a total of approximately 14 square feet (I have a 6 1/2" high strip of the stones framed between jet black ceramic tile for my backsplash). I just used a small soft craft brush to apply the sealer to each stone individually and while it was a tedious job, the end result was well worth it! The first coat brought the stones back to their semi-shiny "naturally" polished look, with the second coat I had a super shiny gloss finish. The product is water based and is runny so keep a rag handy to wipe it up as you go along if you are trying to do a bit more precise job of sealing and shining. Drying time was super quick and I was able to get the job done in just a couple of hours from first coat to last, with some stones getting three coats if they were more porous than the others. The seller packaging was perfect...they really took extra care to make sure I got the product in not only a timely manner, but safely and not leaking!
I applied 3 coats for the liquid to seal a rock for customs and it worked very well. And has maintained shine for the past 6 months.
excellent product simple to apply .Will return a similar product I purchased disappointed in to Lowes. I wish I had purchased larger size but with two of this size I was able to seal all the rooms in my home where I have tile installed. Very Happy buyer.
I was looking for a sealer for my granite counters. This seemed to be a good fit and would make them shiny! However, what the website doesn't tell you but is written on the container is that it is not recommended for counters. I called the company and the person I spoke with said that it would blister and peel and it is definitely not for use on counters. They seem to be a very nice company and have sent me prepaid shipping to have it sent back and apologized for the confusion. Just don't buy this if you are looking to do counters or any other place that may get wet (like bathroom floor).
Worked great for my new little bathroom. Initially was going to place this under the mirror however on top worked the best! The second picture shows the reflection from the mirror. The shelf matched my sink and gave me a great accent to the bathroom.
Perfect! Just what I needed. Great quality. Looks awesome in my new bathroom.
So far, so good. We installed them in our tile shower to use to store products and they are really nice and well made for a good price.
Beautiful product! Unfortunately it doesn't work for us as it is thicker than another product we were trying to match. But if I was doing a bathroom from scratch I would use this for sure.
I am a huge fan of the Stone Care International line. We have lots of stone and marble in our home. These products help us keeping them looking great without leaving dulling residues.
Cleans my travertine tile nicely with no residue. Leaves the floor very shiny.
This really cleans my Granite floors nice, and I love the scent.
The spray feature is so much easier to use than a hand held spray bottle. Evenly distributes the liquid cleaner ahead of the mop, allowing you to use as little or as much as you would like. The washable microfiber mop head is wide. We remove it periodically when cleaning the floor and rinse out the grime to start fresh. Soooo much better than Swifter and more controllable than a standard mop and bucket. Like it so much we are going to purchase one for the hardwood floors.
I bought this for my daughter, because I love it so much
I really like this product. It got 4 stars because every time I move the mop some solution squirts out. It's annoying because you have to use something else to dry the floor when your some mopping.
works great. The mop cloth can be a little floppy on it but overall it does a good job cleaning our hardwood floors.
I hadn’t sealed my gold travertine tile in 10 years and it was so dull. I recently had to grout a small piece by the door and filled the holes with grout so it got in some tiles and was even duller than before bc of the dust I couldn’t remove. I bought this and did 1 coat and another one 24 hours later . I’ll do another 1 or 2 just in case. I have a small kitchen and am also doing the tile in the foyer area and still have 1/2 the bottle so it goes a long way with a sponge. Make sure the sponge is dry the next day bc if it’s wet with water you’ll see the streaks. So I’m using 1 large one I cut in half. The pic is right after I did the 2nd coat but it dries quickly.
The first batch was lovely. The second time ordering it was not the same size and didnt interlock with first batch. We made it work but just make sure order all at once. That is why i am dropping rating a star.
I first bought this product for myself in "Scabos". I LOVE it so much and praise it to everyone. When my friends were redoing their kitchen, they chose to use this product in "light". The small scale makes the installation so easy. The texture of the natural stone is beautiful. I put dimmable puck lights under my cabinets and it really highlights the texture and beauty. My friends did not install under counter lighting. It is still beautiful, but I feel the lighting adds tremendously to the shadowing effect. In addition to this prodeuct, we both chose the 3/4 inch pencil edge. The edge finishes off the backsplash perfectly. Oracle Stone, the seller, was prompt and it arrived sooner than expected. It shipped in multiple containers with a lot of packing to prevent breakage. I have nothing but praise for the product and the seller.
I have black galaxy granite and this is the only cleaner that leaves it sparkling. The scent is subtle, and fantastic. I've been using it for more than a year. It's worth every penny!
My housekeeper really likes this product.
this was recommended for my marble counter tops- works great! they shine!
Used product before. Great to maintain granite and marble
Recommended by marble contractor. He said it was a “must have.”
Love, love this product! Smells great and cleans granite beautifully.
Product is pricey but does a great job. Bought elsewhere, you'd pay more
Very satisfied.
This product cleans & protects with a pleasant mild cucumber scent which I prefer over the citrus scent.
Works great on cleaning and maintaining the granite counter tops, is easy to use. The cucumber scent is mild and pleasant.
Returns shine & smoothness to granite countertops
Love this new product. It smells good.
We recently renovated a house we purchased, and we had all the wood floors completely refinished (house has wood floors throughout). My husband suggested we buy one of these, as he knows how anal I am with cleaning. I also have a Swiffer WetJet and Swiffer dry duster. The way in which this cleans has little difference than the Swiffer. However, if you want to clean your wood floors regularly and you’re debating whether or not to get this, just do it. Biggest upsides to Bona versus Swiffer: 1. The Bona microfiber pad is washable and REUSABLE (hallelujah!). Swiffer WetJet uses disposable pads. No more buying those boxes of thin cloths that I have to use 3 of just to do all my floors! Bona’s microfiber pad is thick and soft - and even better, reusable. 2. The Bona pad is much wider than the Swiffer and therefore covers more surface area when you clean. The pad just works so much better than the thin, disposable Swiffer ones. 3. The days of buying those WetJet cleanser replacement bottles are over! Bona has created a REFILLABLE product. You’re no longer forced to repurchase the Swiffer brand refills, or even the Bona brand refills! You can refill the bottle with whatever cleaner you prefer, even your homemade one. Anyone who has wood floors either through their whole house or high traffic areas, I would recommend this in a heartbeat, even if for no other reason than they don’t make you purchase refills of their brand.
Super Product!!!
I recently did a "refresh" to my kitchen and realized that my 15-year old granite countertops had become dirty over time. I had not maintained them properly. So I purchased StoneTech Oil Stain Remover to do a deep clean of the granite, sealed it with StoneTech BulletProof sealer, and now I maintain it with this revitalizer product. I like the scent--very light and fresh. I will be purchasing this product on a regular basis.
Works wonders on my granite island. Better price than Target.
Works fine
Best thing to use for your granite. Nothing else cleans and shines like this and smells great.
This is by far the best granite cleaner / revitalizer we tried so far.Our granite really looks great thanks to a great product which is affordable and easy to use.
It's great. I got it from the installer and now it's used up so I'm getting more. It gives the most amazing mirror-like shine with no effort.
I tried to use swiffer, but swiffers are so flimsy and throw my back out. They also take so many tiny cloths that take about 10 of them to do your entire house. The Bona is much taller and much sturdier making it so much easier on the back. Instead of having to repeatedly change out with cloths when mopping, I only need to use one for upstairs and one for downstairs. If it's extremely dirty you can simply walk over to the sink, spray it off and then resume mopping with the same pad. I also love the cleaner. It doesn't stink up your house at all and really restores shine to the floor without leaving a nasty film and choking fragrance. The only downside is it's definitely a bit more pricey than the swiffer, but you get what you pay for. To the people saying it made their floor slick, my floor is never slick from it. If it's making yours slick, that means you are using way too much. Each little spray goes a long way and the pad holds in a lot of moisture so you do not need to coat every inch of the floor with spray because the mop is going to help distribute it. There are also complaints about the mop leaking. Mine has never done this. It's important when you refill the cleaner that you have closed the cap on the bottle correctly. If threads are not properly aligned when screwing on the cap it could leak. When you place the bottle into the mop, make sure you hear a click. If you don't hear it lock into place, it is not in the mop correctly and may leak.
Love, love, love this moo! I’ve tried so many different types of moos. Either they’re too cumbersome or too flimsy and they break. I feel like Goldilocks because THIS mop is JUST RIGHT! Delightfully sturdy, easy to use and the best part? The bottle of cleaner it comes with is refillable. That was an unexpected perk! Well done BONA. This mop is a winner!
Way better than other products I have tried. So easy to use. Great for quick clean up or all over job.
The velcorw came off the only set back
Nice upgrade from my Spray-less Bona. Comes with solution already in the tank, no other refills and 1 mop rag that is on it. Easy to use and assemble.
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