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travertine mosaic tile - yesterday, today, and tomorrow

by:Shihui     2020-01-20
Yesterday\'s lime mosaic tiles were the first choice for ancient Roman and Greek architecture.
Government buildings and very wealthy families are decorated with many lime-China limestone in different colors and textures, which are made into beautiful mosaic patterns.
The use of lime limestone is mainly due to its richness and durability.
Many old buildings still stand, such as the Grand Theatre in Rome, Italy.
The stone naturally forms the color from beige to Brown, from gold to red brown.
Today, the revival of the lime mosaic, because of its natural beauty came back to a great extent.
Many designers and architects use these colorful, resilient stones in the bathroom, kitchen, floor and walls.
This limestone is traditionally cut with a texture that produces a linear texture pattern and has been used in many applications for decades.
Over the years, this is mainly the appearance of lime China.
A few years ago, whether it was a choice or an accident, Stone manufacturers found beautiful Whirlpool patterns formed by cutting stones on grain.
This is named Saturnia stone in many parts of the country.
Today, 70% of the application stone flooring used in the United States is crossed
Cut lime Hua and plenty of wall mounting.
The tomorrow of the lime mosaic is very bright.
In terms of the range of colors available and the integrity of this limestone, there is really no other stone family to compare.
With the appearance of the enhanced sealing device, which can not only bring out the natural color of the stone, but also protect the stone from the daily dirt, the appearance of the lime mosaic tile becomes more beautiful and popular.
There are many new patterns such as Subway, hexagon, Diamond and many other unique shapes.
The kitchen tailgate is a very popular area using lime mosaic, and the design possibilities are endless.
Before choosing a stone for the next project, be sure to look at the Lime mosaic tiles.
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