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travertine tiles give an old world feel

by:Shihui     2020-03-04
Tiles made of mineral lime China are a great addition to any country-style house.
The tiles are perfect for adding to any light and heat d. ©Cor and they can be used as floor tiles or wall tiles.
This is a very traditional tile that has been popular in Italy since Roman times.
In fact, the Roman Grand Theatre was built almost entirely with lime stone.
Lime China is a mineral, like marble, deposited rock formed by carbonated matter.
Lime is not as hard and dense as marble, because it does not withstand the high pressure and temperature under the ground required for marble.
Since the lime is not that dense, it tends to have airbags when it is used as a floor tile, which can cause problems.
If it is not sealed, these pockets allow the material to penetrate into the stone structure and result in dyeing that is basically unremovable.
There are two options for dealing with these holes.
First, air holes can be filled with artificial materials.
This usually matches the existing color of the stone brick, but of course, the tiles are no longer natural, which is very important for most people.
The second option is to use the sealant on the tile, which prevents the tile from staining and discoloration.
This is the most effective way to deal with this problem.
Due to the mineral content, the color of the lime tile is often very rich, ranging from dark beige to Royal Gold.
Once the tiles are polished, these colors seem to pop up from the tiles, making them very popular in the home where natural colors are used.
The lime tile can be used in many ways.
They can cover the entire surface as wall tiles, or they can be used as decoration only.
They must be polished to a smoother surface as floor tiles and sealed with dirt, but they provide a very good addition.
A third use as a countertop or countertop tile is not too common, as rough textures and gaps make it difficult to seal water and food scraps.
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