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Travertine Vs. Ceramic for a Tile Backsplash in the Kitchen

by:Shihui     2020-01-01
The kitchen tailgate must be able to withstand the spills of water, grease and food while it looks attractive and complements your decor.This makes the selection of materials for the tailgate a process of careful consideration.Lime Hua and tiles are durable tailgate materials, but they each have advantages and disadvantages before choosing a material for your kitchen tailgate.Lime is a kind of limestone.It is naturally layered around the hot springs and is taken out of these areas and processed into slabs.Tiles are people-Clay used for pressing and firing at high temperatures;The tiles are then given color and finished with glaze, which is also a personmade.Both ceramic and lime China are solid back plate materials, but they all have some disadvantages.Because lime is a natural stone brick, the minerals in it react with acid solutions such as orange juice and vinegar.While you can seal the stone to protect it from stains, the sealer may not reject everything.Lime Hua is also easy to scratch and needs to be re-sealed about every two years.In contrast, the tiles only require very little maintenance.They’re non-Porous, which makes them very resistant to stains and scratches and easy to clean.However, the tile is brittle, which makes it more likely to break or break than the lime tile.Lime China has a natural color pattern with multiple colors.This is caused by mineral compounds and other impurities that naturally penetrate into the stone.It is sold in earth tones such as coral red and brown, as well as ivory, beige and gold in different shades.As far as the finish is concerned, the lime can be polished, polished, brushed or rolled.The polished and polished lime tiles are smooth in texture, but the polished lime is glossy, while the polished lime has a matte or flat surface.The brushed lime has a subtle texture that is not shiny, and the tumbling is more like a natural stone with a rough texture.Tiles offer more options in terms of color than lime China, with tiles in almost any color you can imagine.Some tiles are also printed with pictures and patterns.If you are replacing the old tailgate, it is easier to match the existing decoration with the tile than the lime China.However, ceramics offer fewer options in terms of finishes.Usually, there are only two finishes for the tile: matte or glossy.The price of ceramic and lime tiles varies by size, thickness and manufacturer.Overall, however, while the lime tile is cheaper than other natural stones, it is more expensive than the tile.Due to the heavy weight of the lime tiles, the installation is usually the responsibility of the professionals to ensure that they are firmly fixed on the wall and properly supported.This increases the total cost of the lime-China tailgate.Tiles are usually light in weight and cheap in price, and in most cases the homeowner can install the tile back plate on his own.
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