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Tumbled Tile Backsplash Design Ideas

by:Shihui     2019-12-31
The tailgate has a prominent position in the kitchen, which makes it an effective place to show more expensive tumbling tiles and LaborIntensive installation mode.The rolling process makes the surface of the stone tile smooth, the edges surround, and adds a small flaw, making the tile show a worn, aging appearance.Since no two pieces are exactly the same, tumbling tiles help create a tailgate with a rich personality and charm.For the bright and elegant tailgate, use the white Carrara marble tile with a faint gray texture pattern and see the soft edges with a slightly rounded edge with only a small roll.To form a delicate woven look on the surface of the tile, select the tiny rectangular tile and install it in a basketball or herringbone pattern.Choose a white cabinet, a white quartz countertop and a white base quartz sink to balance the intricate marble texture and the intricate tile pattern.Alternatively, in order to save material and labor costs, white ceramic subway tiles are used on the tailgate, with a pattern that is staggered on a regular basis, focus the stone and more complex tile patterns on small areas above the range or sink.Add a stainless steel range hood above the tailgate and show some colors with potted or antique pottery jars on the countertop.The rolled tiles can be polished to a mirror-like gloss while still retaining a slight circular edge during the roll to add a little bit of time --Wear features of stylish, modern kitchen design.Long, tumbled-Stone subway tiles are arranged horizontally in an offset manner, and the staggered pattern uses subtle stripe effects to further simplify the look.The tailgate of the gray, black or gray green soapy stone polished roll tile complements the deep charcoal tones of matte, gray slate countertops, stainless steel appliances and dark cabinets.Height of tileThe glossy surface reflects the light around the room, adding a little spark to help make the dimly lit space feel brighter and more open.Completed and reducedFixtures and hardware with clean lines, as well as display glass or crystal tableware mounted on the glass rack on the tailgate, with recessed, down lightingCabinet lighting.For the tailgate with a warm Mediterranean feel, use a limestone or lime tile with a rough, rolling surface.The yellow, cream and gold tones of the stone bring the style of dirt, the old world to the kitchen, the dull, pitted texture with a full-weather look, than polishedInstall ceramic tiles of multiple sizes in a more diverse pattern, such as jumping a house, pebbles, or Velcro, for layingBack to country style.Show the look by building a stone archway in the mountains, inlaid with copper or castingIron Medal accents in the shape of the tailgate grapes and vines.A matte-Bronze faucets and hand made copper cabinet hardware match the design very well.Use colored Rolling Stones--Such as pink granite, green soap stone, maroon marble and yellow lime--The use of worn, rolled textures makes decorative tile tailgates reminiscent of ancient mosaics.Choose Rolling stone bricks with more complex shapes, such as Hexagon, diamond or bow tie, or feel the exotic Moroccan touch using tiles in the shape of a curved lantern.Add a tumbling tile border featuring a pattern or pattern engraved on the stone surface, or create a focal point for the tailgate with a colored mural made of tumbling tile fragments.To facilitate the storage of vials and jars, build a recessed niche on the tailgate and arrange it with stones of different colors.
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