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Using Cement Boards Over Concrete Floors for Ceramic Tile Installation

by:Shihui     2020-03-15

Concrete is usually a good ground floor for installing tiles.However, homeowners may need to raise the floor slightly before installing the tiles and lack experience or time to install the mortar bed.Placing the cement board on the concrete bottom is a good way to create a solid and smooth bottom.When the cement back plate is usually nailed to a wooden nail or wood floor, you can use a thin-Glue the cement board directly with the concrete.Measure the floor and determine if and where the whole piece of cement board can be used.They usually 3-foot by 5-But can be found in a larger size.You should start with the whole piece of paper to lay out the area and then measure and cut to fit the small pieces around.Mix thin-According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, place the mortar in a clean bucket.Thin with a notch spatula-Put your first cement board on the concrete.Use the flat surface of the spatula to firmly lay the mortar on the concrete to achieve a good combination, then face the rear rake with the notch, leaving the ridge in the mortar.Lay the cement plate in the mortar and use the weight and twisting movement of the plate to push the plate into the mortar and level it on the concrete.Measure and cut the cement plate to fit the whole plate.Leave 1/8-Inches between the paper and the cut.Mark the cut on the cement board with straight edges and pencils.Place the straight edge on the mark and pass through the surface of the plate with a knife.You just cut the fiberglass mesh on the surface.Pick up the edge of the paper and place the straight edge next to the cut.Use a slight pressure to break the paper when cutting.Use a knife to finish cutting through the fiberglass mesh on the other side.Use the thin-Paste these smaller cement plates into the bottom of the concrete with mortar.Once all cement boards are in place, allow the floor to dry for 24 hours.Cut the fiberglass mesh tape to fit the seam between the sheets.Mix more thin-Set it up and spread it into the seam using the flat face of the spatula.Put the tape into the mortar above the seam, use the flat face of the spatula again, push the tape flat on the board, and scrape the excess mortar from the surface.You want to leave a smooth plane on the joint.Let the tile dry before starting the installation.
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