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by:Shihui     2020-01-22
Perhaps you have heard of something that has become very popular over the years, as it is used in both the home and business premises, especially if there is heavy traffic in the area to avoid accidents such as slipping.
Even the pool tiles have a different set of tiles, especially designed for this purpose, because once the material that makes it is exposed to the water most of the time, there are a few things to consider.
So, what is the technical stone brick?
Basically, the technical stone brick is actually a natural stone brick, but it is durable and beautified with different methods and materials.
These types of tiles are also known as composite stone.
So far, these technical stone tiles are said to be one of the strongest tiles.
They can be used for residential and commercial purposes.
Basically, the bottom of these tiles is granite, quartz and marble.
From the quarry where raw materials are obtained, they are processed into small crystals, flour-like substances and combined with resin to make durable slabs.
As for textures, colors and shapes, they will design more options for consumers in different ways.
So basically, the technical stone bricks, because they are similar to each other to some extent, change very little.
Natural stone tiles may go through different processes in manufacturing, but the foundation is the same as the technical Stone
There are quartz, marble and granite.
Both tiles are very stylish and look attractive.
Most public places like to use natural stone tiles because they are not slippery and vary in color and size.
Because we have a lot of choices today, unlike the previous selection of which floor tiles are most suitable for residential or commercial use, it is very important to consider what will affect when choosing the right thing.
In addition to the appearance and appearance, remember to consider the cost of maintenance, if you have children at home or where you are going to place it, it will be slippery, the theme of the area, the material used, the texture, color and so on.
Most of the time, technical stone bricks and natural stone bricks are usually the best for outdoor use, unless you have more garden views in your living room where stone bricks and plants can be placed.
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