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What Decorating Colors Go Well With Gray Walls in a Living Room?

by:Shihui     2020-03-16

Gray is the color of chameleon;It almost adapts to anything you mix with it.But realized a delicate gray living room.-Even if your style is rustic-Need more restraint than risktaking.When you stick to neutral tones as accent or main focus in a gray room, it\'s easy to create an elegant, relaxing space.In order to avoid visual dissonance, warm tones must be matched with warm gray and cool gray.Gray and gray.-The combination is so lowYou can mix some key colors and shades.The gray skirting and trim of charcoal carpet and bronze gray velvet sofa is lighter.Decorate a pair of antique Lafayette people with discreet grayand-White striped linen and lanyardGray taffeta curtains from the ceiling to the pool on the floor.The color of the old, worn stone, on the sofa bed and chair shows a blend of gray patterned fabric.Gray-on-gray or gray-and-White pillows on pillows and mats are ticking;Tattersall on the sofa, chair and table skirt;There are gray stripes on the pillows and curtains;and a gray-and-smudged-White clown-The painted floor adds a touch of theater to an ordinary living room.Smoke or gray walls with snow decorations are sharp if predictable.with a warm-The spectral gray that makes things harmonious.Tan, Gray and other baked shades-Like unbleached linen-A Zen atmosphere in the living room, mixed evenly with glass and chrome blocks.Match the intensity of gray and create a balance in a minimalist or modern style room.Try a light-to-Medium gray with natural wood decoration on the walls, faded Persian carpets with dark and light gray patterns, cream, linen, chestnut brown and burnt brown, there are also a few unpainted wooden chairs and a tobacco leather recliner, a very tasteful room that is almost edible.Colored gray paint opens the door to new color combinations that play the base color of the wall color.* Gray with a touch of green----The invitation emphasizes a slightly green cast accent in gray.A blue-green enameled chandelier with gold-plated details on a platinum gray suede sofa causes several golden throw pillows that lose their luster.--Gray and mint wide-The striped splendid decoration on the side chair is delicate and suitable for use in the room.Or dark with olive velvet curtains, charcoal leather sofas, Moss, clouds and bronze gray abstract area rugs.Splash and dash in bright colors take advantage of the inherent harmony of gray.In the middle of the room.Around the wall at the height of the chair track, cover two contemporary side chairs with yellow leather.Mix gray linen, wood and brown furnitureThere is also a large abstract drawing with deep red spots on a piece of white, charcoal and smoky land.Smooth coordination between gray and purple or purple crystals.Retain the shades of purple and blue for the cool gray room;Add a purple crystal silk curtain, pillow or lampshade to a warm gray room.
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