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What Does Tumbled Mean When Talking About Tile?

by:Shihui     2019-12-31
Walk into any tile shop or stone yard and you may encounter stone tiles with the \"roll\" label.In the tile industry, the word \"tumbling\" describes both the finish of the Stone and one of the two processes used to make these finishes.Not all stones labeled \"roll\" are produced in the same way, and not all stones look the same.Stone Bricks affixed with roll finish have unique properties, depending on the type of roll finish they are given.All rolled tiles have a soft, smooth and worn look.The edges and corners of the naturally rolled tiles are slightly rounded and the surface is soft.The rolled tiles of Honed have a matte finish on the edge of the country.The surface of the polished rolling tile is polished, but the edges are rough.The surface of the old rolling tile is filled with small pits, cracks and holes, and the edges are worn out.The two most common finishes are natural and old rolling tiles.Technically, there are two different ways for tiles to get a rolling finish.The most common way is to put the tiles into the rubber cartridge along with the rocks, water and sand.When sand, rock and water wear the edge of the tile and soften its surface, the tile rolls over and over again.However, not all tiles marked with the \"roll\" label are produced this way.Larger tiles cannot roll like this because they often break during this process, and those that are honed or polished do not generally roll in this way.Instead, the tiles are either handmadeGouging or gouging on the edges, or grinding the edges of the tiles rough with a machine to make them look like they roll.Any type of stone tile can be turned into a rolling stone tile.Marble, granite, lime, onyx, limestone, quartz and slate are included.It is found that the most common stone to roll is marble, and many different types of stones are actually onyx agate, limestone, quartz rock or lime China, and may be labeled as \"rolling marble.This is because these stones are made of calcium.Some quartz and onyx stones are actually a subset of marble, while lime and limestone are deposited stones formed by deteriorated marble.When buying a stone brick marked with tumbling marble, always ask what the stone is actually to learn the best way to take care of it.The rolled tile looks very different from the honed or polished one.Their surface is usually slightly White or dusty.They look soft in color.Rolling will not affect the way the stone is treated in any way;It does not remove any protective finish from the stone surface.However, because polishing and polishing often deepen the color of the stone, it may mean that the tiles become darker in appearance.To correct this, apply the color-After the installation and grouting of the tiles, enhance the local sealing agent of the tiles.The sealer will brighten the color and remove dust from the tiles.
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