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What Kind of Tile Goes With a Stone Fireplace?

by:Shihui     2020-01-01
The stone fireplace incorporates natural stone, mortar and outdoor soil elements into the home design.Depending on the color, size and texture of the stone, you can choose to replenish the tiles around the fireplace or the floor.Choose a smooth, polished tile for formal appeal, or choose a textured tile for a more casual or rustic overall design.You can use small 1-Inch tiles or rectangular tiles around the fireplace, but use the larger 4-inch or 12-Inch tile of floor near fireplace.Slate tiles are ideal for stone fireplaces as these two natural stones maintain a consistent natural flow in the space.Install slate tiles around the stone fireplace to create a layered, decorative surrounding environment, or on the floor in front of the fireplace, a smooth transition from the wall to the floor.According to Home Advisor, slate flooring is durable, less maintained, and longer lasting than other types of tiles.Choose the slate tile color that matches the tone in the stone, or coordinate with the mortar color.Choose granite tiles around the fireplace, fireplace or floor as it also has a natural outdoor atmosphere that works well with natural stone.According to triangular tiles and granite, Granite is a great choice for the fireplace area as it is one of the hardest of all substances and is very dense.Therefore, it will not break, break or weather due to the heat.It is also easy to clean, so dust, dirt and dust can be removed quickly.Polished Granite is smooth and glossy, so it works best with a stone fireplace with formal appeal.Choose unpolished marble tiles to coordinate with the stone fireplace.Polished marble is usually too shiny and elegant for country or weathered fireplaces, but unpolished marble is similar to natural stone.Create surround, fireplace bench, fireplace or decorative floor near fireplace using unpolished marble.For a unified, continuous design, choose a marble that is very similar to the color of the fireplace stone.Alternatively, choose a contrasting marble color such as soft gray, slate gray, charcoal gray, light mocha brown or dark green to contrast with the stone.Unpolished marble is usually 12-Square in inches so you can easily see the texture of the color and texture changes.Glass brick is a beautiful addition to the stone fireplace, especially if you have contemporary design patterns throughout the space.Choose modern slim glass tiles that are made from sheets so you don\'t have to install each tile separately.Choose earth-Shades of brown, gray, or brown glass tiles that coordinate with the natural tones in the stone.Alternatively, choose a contrasting color such as blue, green or white to create an artistic focus in the room.When the glass brick is used around the fireplace, not for the floor, it usually looks the best.The result is an elegant, modern and elegant design of cool horse polo.
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