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What Tile Looks Good With Cherry Cabinets

by:Shihui     2020-01-06
Cherry cabinets are one of the most versatile wood colors when decorating a kitchen or bathroom with matching tiles and accessories.The warm shades of cherry wood Red match the traditional, modern and even retro decorations, with ceramic tiles, natural stone, glass mosaics and granite.Traditional decor is a perfect style choice for cherry cabinets, with a variety of tiles to choose from to complement the overall design of the room.Use soil, natural stones such as unpolished lime or slate to achieve the appearance of Italian farmhouses.If you prefer a more sophisticated style, choose marble or granite, choose one with red spots or textures, and mix with the cherry color in the cabinet.The modern style allows for more gloss and higher contrast.Select the ceramic with shiny glaze and color at the extreme end of the color order.Try bright white tiles or black tiles with wide grout lines.Use cornflower blue or sunflower yellow and thick.The idea here is not to mix with cherry cabinets, but to make them stand out in comparison.When using this method, throw away your bias towards warm and cold tones.Let the decorations like ceramic knobs and pulls make a color mix for you.Retro design has attracted the love of retro designers: glass mosaic.These tiny treasures can be checked with alternating light and dark colors to create art deco or 1950 s patterns in the kitchen and bathroom.Keep them for the tailgate only, or climb directly to the wall, covering the entire space between the counter and the cabinet.
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