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When to Replace a Wet Saw Tile Blade?

by:Shihui     2020-01-11
Tile wet saw is a very valuable tool for anyone doing large tile work.Wet saw helps cool the blade with water when cutting.This allows the blade to cut the tiles more efficiently.
It can be used on ceramics, porcelain, stone or glass and help to speed up tile work with fast and accurate cutting.However, sometimes you need to replace the blade.Knowing when to replace it helps keep your work running as fast and accurate as before.
A good tile wet saw blade should be cut steadily and quickly through any material, no matter how dense or hard.If you find that your cutting speed will be slower over time, or you put more and more pressure on the tile to get it through the blade, the blade may need to be replaced.Some types of tiles are harder to cut than other types of tiles, and the cutting speed is slightly different, but if you find a material that starts quickly, it\'s time to change the blade now that it\'s moving slowly.
A good wet saw blade will go through your tiles without any difference.A fresh, good-High quality blades can even cut tiles to 1/8Size inch, no cracking or breaking.If the tray on the wet saw slides very straight, but your cut is sticking out of the Plumb, the blade can be twisted, damaged or loose to a point where it can no longer be tightened.
If you have tried adjusting and tightening the blade, but your cut still has no Plumb, it is time to replace the blade.The tile wet saw passes through the stones, porcelain and tiles very gently.You should not put any pressure and the wound should be very clean --When cutting with a dry blade, there will be no scattered debris, dust or debris.
If you find a tiny crack in chewing, cutting, or covering on the edge of the tile you cut when cutting, it may be due to the dull blade.The tile wet saw blade is covered with tiny diamonds and can be cut.These diamonds can fall off over time, creating a blunt blade that can be cut.
Most tiles can be cut using the same wet saw blade without any problems.However, some very hard stones, porcelain and all glass bricks need to be cut with special blades.Using the wrong type of blade on the tile will not only damage the tile by cutting the tile, but also damage the blade of the wet saw.
Be sure to replace the wet saw blade before using glass cut glass tilesCut the blade instead.The same is true of very dense porcelain or stone bricks
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