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working class life in the 1940s and 50s the old tin bath

by:Shihui     2019-12-22
I lived in a working-class area of Nottingham when I was young.
In the neighborhood I live in, most of the houses are two small ones with Victorian terraces.
Most houses were built in the 1800 s.
Most of the houses on our street are designed in general.
If you move to the next street, you may find that the house there is slightly different from the house on our street.
For example, some street houses have small windows.
Some streets have three bedroom houses instead of two.
But often houses on the same street are designed the same.
Although the design of the street is slightly different, one thing is the same.
The indoor plumbing for each house has the same standard.
As far as I know, every house in our working-class community has only one cold water faucet indoors.
As far as I know, there is no bathroom near my house and there is a toilet outside.
As far as I can remember, there is no bathroom in all the houses I know.
So, as you might imagine, bathing is not a simple and easy task today.
At that time, most of us took a shower once a week.
You might think taking a shower once a week is a long time between two baths.
If you do, then it might surprise you to know that there are a lot of people who only take a shower once in two weeks.
I want you to have a little bit of an idea of what was involved in the shower at that time.
I think that way you will understand why this is just a weekly event for most of us.
At that time, no one would think it would be unusual to take only one bath a week, because most of us do that.
Most people solve the problem of not having a bathroom in the House by having a large galvanized tin bath.
Tin Bath is usually stored by hanging nails on the wall.
If you click on the blue link above, you can hear a delightful song by Harvey Andrews about the old tin bath.
Sometimes the walls are in the house like walls in the storage room.
But the nails that usually hang on the tin bath are the exterior walls of the backyard.
Friday night shower Friday night was our shower night when we were kids and I don\'t remember taking a shower on another night. .
In our forties, we seem to be a product of habit, and I think it\'s usually for very practical reasons.
Take a bath today. Only one person decides to take a bath.
It\'s easy now because all it takes to take a shower now is the turn of a few taps.
Most people today, at least most people in the UK, can use tap water.
In the working class community where I grew up, it was most unusual to provide hot water on demand.
In fact, I remember there were only two places where the hot water was seen on the tap near us, that was public wash --
Bathroom with slippers.
People can wash once a week in a public bathroom.
The slippers bathroom is a place where you can take a hot bath for just a little money, but more slippers bathroom is in the center of the future.
As I said, most families near us have an indoor cold water faucet.
We have to heat it if we want hot water.
When my brother and I were very young, we took a shower in the big stone sink in the washing room.
When we grew up, we went into a medium size galvanized tin bath, which the mom used to clean during washing day.
Although the medium tin bath is much smaller than the large tin bath, the amount of water required still takes some time to heat.
When we finally graduated for a big tin bath, the bath night was a little more time --
My mother\'s consumption task
We put a stone copper in the corner of the dishwashing room, and Mom used it to cook white items on the washstand.
Copper will be pressed on the night of the bath.
My mom will fill the copper with water and the fire will light under the copper.
Mom will also light up the four gas rings at the top of the cooker, heating up more water needed to take a shower.
Mom will put the big kettle and a variety of pots full of water on top of the cooker.
When we have a range in the living room, mom will also put the utensils filled with water there.
Mom will boil all the containers full of water.
Only when the water in all the different containers is hot enough will the water be poured into the tin tank.
Hot water must enter at the same time, because water will lose heat very quickly once it hits the tin trough.
Our pantry is a cold place and at the best of times our pantry is always a cold place.
This is not a big room with a maximum of 9 feet by 7 feet.
We had red quarry style tiles on the floor of our restaurant.
These tiles are about 6 inch by 9 inch and about an inch thick.
The tiles always seem cold.
The red quarry tiles seem to be available to most people near us in their storage room and in the dishwashing room.
There is a Polish made specifically for these red tiles, which is the basic Polish.
They look beautiful after you wipe the tiles clean.
But like most things at the time, polishing the floor requires a lot of elbow grease, and red seems to be everywhere.
The cold from the dishwashing floor can quickly drain the heat from the tin bath.
So I have to get in and out ASAP so my brother still has some heat in the bath water.
When the mother heats all the water, the walls of the dishes are covered with condensation.
The walls of the dishwashing room are glossy.
Because of the cold on the walls of the dishes, the condensed water will flow down.
The place where the walls and floors meet will gather some cold water puddles.
We only have enough space in our dishwashing room for the tin bath to be placed on the floor on the wall with sink on the wall and cooker on the wall.
Because this pot
Even if we have hot water in our tin bath, the tiles on the floor will feel cold.
The bottom of the tub remains cold until the water in the tub heats the tiles below.
I remember the feeling of sitting on the cold bottom of the tin bath filled with hot water.
Sit in as hot water as possible, but it\'s a strange feeling when your ass sits on the cold bottom of the tin bath.
It seems like a daunting task to heat up the water to take a shower, and I\'m sure my mom doesn\'t expect it at all.
My brother and I didn\'t enjoy the privilege of taking a shower for the first time because heating the water required a lot of work and each of us didn\'t have fresh bath water.
When we were young, I took a shower with my brother.
But as we grew older, we gradually entered a large tin bath with a separate bath.
As the boss, I was lucky enough to take my first shower, one of the few things the boss brought.
As I said before, the dishes were cold and wet, and when we took a shower my mom came up with a way to take some cold from the dishwashing room.
My mom will light the oven and fill it up when we take a shower.
Mom will leave the oven door open and try to take away the chill from the dishes.
We didn\'t have the luxury of central heating at the time, in fact, I didn\'t know there was something like central heating at the time.
As long as we are in the bathroom, mom will open the oven door to keep the air in the dishwashing room cool.
We didn\'t have the luxury of central heating at the time, in fact, I didn\'t know there was something like central heating at the time.
I think the heat in the oven is a little better than nothing.
Still, it\'s better than nothing, and mom blessed her heart to always think about us and do her best to make use of everything she has.
Due to the cold and humidity, I endured more than pleasure, and I found that most of the time I took a shower in our dishwashing room was not a particularly pleasant experience.
Bathing time is not a task I want to grind.
At that time, the Bath time was what I endured, not what I enjoyed.
The soap my mom used at the time was either lifeguard soap or carbs soap.
The lifeguard used to brag about removing bacteria and dirt.
But I don\'t think my mom really needs soap.
Because mom seems to rub hard enough with a fleece and loofa to remove dirt, bacteria and several layers of skin. . .
One thing I remember was our bath towel.
My father is a miner. He used to buy mine towels.
Because miners have to take a bath every time they leave work, the mine subsidizes the price of soap and towels.
The pit towels are big and colorful.
I still remember the feeling that Mom and Dad used these towels to dry before the fire in the living room.
Unlike the bath itself, the dry part of the experience is pleasant.
In this photo you can see my brother standing in front of a pit towel.
I am taking this picture with my new color camera.
It was the first time we took color photos and my mom wanted to make sure we got value from color movies.
Mom asked me to use the towel as the background so that all the colors in the movie can be used.
The huge task of taking a shower is a huge task, but even emptying it is not a walk in the park.
The work of preparing for a bath seems to be the same as most of those days, spending a lot of time and effort.
I think that\'s one of the reasons my generation appreciates and enjoys what we have now.
We don\'t take things for granted and we appreciate the fact that we can use so much labor-saving equipment.
If you can stay with me all the time, thank you so much for taking the time to walk with me in a small part of my memory.
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